Friday, December 23, 2005

All Falls Down - Kanye West

your entertainment for today. :op
i've got a splitting headache, not in the mood to blabber.
have a good weekend ya!
p.s. lynor, me going klcc to hunt for arina's pwessie!


mummy-o said... advance one!! hehehe have fun shoppin..

ru sure ur getting pwessie for arina or for Urself?? hehe

cu soon!!

Erra said...

can i dress arina as mini me?! since we share the same birthday ... hehehehehe!

good idea. i buy one adult version for myself and one baby version for arina. then we get the PHOTOGRAPHER to take a picture of us two together gether. :op

mummy-o said...

aaahhh yes..the PHOTOGRAPHER!!

Erra said...

hehe! sekarang berani lah. on the day itself, menikus. you'd probably not see me, i'd be making myself busy in the kitchen with your bibik.