Monday, December 05, 2005


Image: 20th March 2005, Pulau Duyong Shipyard, Kuala Terengganu

Being the last person in a "process" is no fun. I've completed other things need to be doing, yet I'm still waiting for it ... copek la jang oii! Eden speeking noghori kang ...

At 11:55 pm tonite, a friend, I referred to her as Ginger earlier, is going back to London. Sigh!

Today, I noticed, some, just because they had a long, bad day, they feel they have the right to behave certain unpleasant ways, and treat others curt and rude. Don't punish others laa, please ... a chocolate dipped sweet please ...

hmmmm ... PMS izzit?! Negativity, sensitive yang terlampau and moodiness starting to engulf. Better hush up the next few days. If you've got nothing good to say, better shut it, right? :op


zuhri said... bab pompuan, i tak berani ler nak comment, takut tertekan the wrong button...hehehe

Erra said...

sila jangan comment!

and that's the beauty of being a woman, you get to blame everything on PMS once a month and get away with it. although you know that you should be in control of your own behaviour but being able to get away with it, best!

sila jangan comment!

zuhri said...

yes, madam!