Friday, December 23, 2005

baby tickers

i'm surrounded by young mummies and they're having a baby tickers war. don't wanna miss the fun. :op

so, i decided to have a ticket for them kittens at home. hahahahahahaha!

There are three of them.

Betty - short for Batman betina (the spot on her face looks exactly like Batman's mask, alas she's a lady.)

Ontel - short for oren montel (very the montel, very the geram watching him turn the shoe boxes upside down.)

Ada - short for adult (she thinks she's an adult; she fusses over her other siblings, she protects them from my father's hand and insists that she share canned food with the other adult cats, when her siblings are still imbibing cat mummy's milk.)

Lilypie Baby Ticker


zuhri said...

ontel tu tak ada kena mengena dengan ah beng ke? kot sepupu sepapat ke, tersesat dia kat rumah u a few months back? hehehe

Erra said...

ah beng kata tak de

Em said...


Dis post is funi.I tink I pun nak put ticker for how many tehsi or teh tarik i drink so maybe how many hours till Em's next tehsi or teh tarik ah

mummy-o said...

hehe.. go tickers!! btw.. happy birthday real 2u real soon!