Friday, December 09, 2005

the university of .........

No 35 of the world's top 200 universities ... wehey!

No 11 of Europe's top 50 universities ... wehey!

... hehehehe ... gedik tak?!

last night, alumni of the engineering and physical sciences department had a little get together. i was a sesat there but i enjoyed the dinner as much. i was late though; an extreme case of tardiness. all because mama dearest forgot to check the car's ayor; the car went dead. so we had to wait for a while til the engine sejuk and we get to move again. mom and i are from the same alumni.

when we arrived, people were already on their dessert. lucky it was a buffet, so i took my own sweet time to eat. when i was on my main meal, the dinner ended. chait!

somehow, there's a certain mr tan who stopped to chat at our table. alamak! i want my dessert la brader. i had to be polite and layan the conversation, "what course did you do in manchester?". he went, "triple e" (that's electrical, electronic engineering) "i completed my masters, and was supposed to do my PhD" (makkk!!! friendly laa pulak pak cik nih) "then came boyfriend girlfriend problem, I decided to go home. Later, both of us nothing already". I menyampuk, "that sounds familiar laa Mr Tan".

The whole table later stayed back to chat. Best laa tapi; we discussed macam2. One of them being Malaysian press. Hehe! And I love it when I'm right, two from different national broadsheet admitted that they practice self censorship since members of their board of directors are mostly political appointees.

Anyways, back to the alumni dinner. We were the last to leave the hotel at 12:30 a.m. Achooo makkkkk! And I didn't get my dessert even!!! Huwaaaaa!!!!


zuhri said...

i wonder if i'm the editor, how la to layan u?

Erra said...

a kadir jasin did well as with them after.

Erra said...

sorry, your comment came about the same time I self censored